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Video Formats & Encoding


supported format list
Highest quality codec: h.264
Windows Media
Highest quality codec: WMV9

Windows media export on the Mac requires a third party export component for Quicktime. There are two currently available:
Flip4Mac $29 - $179
Flip4Mac has a free playback component for WMV files in quicktime, and appears to be the 'officially sanctioned' choice of Microsoft since they dropped development of Windows Media Player for the Mac. The export components require a paid upgrade (a free demo is available), and seem to have some quality issues - I've only done limited experimentation but I've had a hard time getting anything approaching the quality available when exporting to WMV on a PC.

Popwire $29.95
Popwire also has export components which appear to be slightly more limited than Flip4Macs (no HD export, for instance), although I haven't done any tests of their components yet.

Real Video
Export on Mac requires a Quicktime export component, available for free from Real Networks

Encoding Apps:

Quicktime Pro $29.99
Compressor (included with Final Cut Pro Studio, $1295)
Sorenson Squeeze Compression Suite $399
Autodesk Cleaner $599
Popwire Compression Master $495
On2 Flix (Flash 6/8 only) $39 (standard), $149 (quicktime export components), $249 (Pro)
DivX Converter (Divx Only) $19.99
This is a simple and inexpensive utility for converting from a variety of formats (quicktime, wmv, etc) to DivX. Supports simple drag-and-drop encoding via presets as well as the ability to fully customize the encoding parameters.

Upload Sites

Google Video
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